The love slave 

  Its monday morning, and I’m already up by 6:00 which is so surprising. Standing up from bed, I walked to the bathroom and did what we all do in the bathroom. I Came out and brushed my hair, getting ready for school. I sat on the bed and thought of the only person that understood me. I was going to see him today. Yay!!. 
   I have a lot to do at school since I missed a week because I was weak and had this terrible migraine. I went downstairs and took my plate and served myself with the hot yam in the pot. Since mom and dad isn’t back from their trip, I had to eat alone. 
  Getting to school, I felt like I was being watched. No one was in school, the place looked deserted. I didnt bother about it since i got to school Early {i live very close to the school}. 
  “surprise”, some group of people shouted when I entered the school doors. I looked up and I noticed the banner placed up in the ceiling which had the words ‘welcome back, minion’ embedded on it. Awwn, they really cared. No wonder outside was so deserted. 
  After exchanging hugs and kisses on the cheek from friends and people I dont even know they attend our school, we started classes. After hours of writing my strength out and listening to the teachers talk endlessly about things I have no idea who started, I went to the restroom to wash my hands and change my lip gloss. 

   When I entered, I saw something glittering, coming closer, I saw it was a pin. 
  Remember, sleeping beauty, that was how my case was now. I saw the pin and I examined it. I laughed thinking of what happened to sleeping beauty. A fiction story, I thought. 
  “Yeah, Yeah.. She touched a damn pin. Why don’t I touch mine and fall asleep so I would be kissed by a prince”, I moved and touched the pin. Blood dripping from my hand, I felt an invisible force swirl around me. It got thicker and thicker and then I saw a bright light, before I could shout for help, I felt myself fall… My body weak, my legs limp, my hands sealed with loose rope, my eyes heavy… And the last thought that ran through my mind before I blacked out was… Raymond.