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Chapter 1. 


     I woke up, covered in dust and dirt. I raised my head looking around me and wondering what I was doing in this particular place. It looked like I was   in another dimension. There were people wearing clothes that looked ancient but cost a lot, they also wore beads on their heads {seriously, who wears bead this days}. I stood from where I was lying and took in the view very well. I was in a Garden or should I say farm {because people were working there}. Not wanting people to notice me on their farmland, I walked away from there. 
     I walked for hours before I reached the main city. It was huge and beautiful but it looked different from home. Walking under the sun is really exhausting, now im parched ;but I struggled to move.. On getting to the city, the place looked so busy that I had to Dodge people.. I saw a stone nearby and I sat on it, thinking back to the time I touched the pin. 
   ‘sleeping beauty, Sorry for mocking you’, I thought to myself. There were people every where, guards with swords guarding a  gate, to traders doing their business, children playing around in groups and the sun hitting me with full force. Everyone who enters and comes out from the gate gave me their pitying faces that I hated so much. 

  ‘not like it will quench my thirst’, I thought. 
I just used my hands to shield my eyes and watched as people laughed and chatted oblivious to what is killing me. ‘well… I look like shit’, I thought to myself. 

   “who are you?”, I rose my head to see who asked me that stupid question. 
“im human. Hope you ain’t blind”, she clicked her tongue in annoyance and narrowed her eyes and was watching me closely. I noticed how tall she was, straight and elegant and also looked like a damsel. But I think her mouth is what is lacking in perfection. 
  “who are you?”,she asked again, Ignoring the fact that I just answered her and I wasnt ready to talk to her. And then she did what got me into trouble. People started gathering, and saying things like:
 “she’s a stranger”. 

“Oh, a stranger?”. 

  “a stranger in our  midst”. 

“how did a stranger enter this dimension”. 

“she doesn’t have the kind of our skin”. 

“she is from the ciarysiams world”, what those that even mean?. 

 “a stranger is not allowed here “. 

  “she should be locked up in the dungeon”, that was the voice of the lady that got me into this… 
 The next thing I saw, was guards coming to where I was, and the people who gathered shouting “seize her, seize her, seize her”. Then I did what a normal human being will do….. I ran. 

  I ran with all energy I had in me, the adrenaline rush and my days at the gym helped. Though my legs complained, I still ran fearing what they will do to me . I wanted to save myself. I heard footsteps of guards on my heels, they were  getting closer. 
  ‘God, what is this?, please save me’, I prayed silently. I felt hands grab my shoulder. I thrashed trying to get myself free from their grip but it was futile. I continued struggling, begging, trying to convince them that I wasn’t a threat. They looked strong,they are strong. I got scared and the adrenaline started wearing off. Then I felt a damp cloth on my face. One breath and I blacked out.