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Expectations and reality 

first I’d like to say that this blog of a thing is confusing. But I’ll just carry on like nothing happened. 
 So from the tittle, I wanna say there are so many things I expected to happen but in reality they don’t work that way. 

 This is the list of things I was expecting to happen but it never happened. But Note that all of the things that will be listed won’t just be based on things that actually happened to me… Let me cut the long story short and begin… 

  •  Expectations :

I was sitting in the class, listening to the teacher teach and he wrote an equation on the board and asked for someone to answer it. 

I raised my hands and answered it, and it was correct. He told me Welldone and said I should sit. And after class he gave a giant chocolate. 

Reality :

I was sitting in class, biting my nails and complaining that I’m already tired of the class. Now the teacher calls me to answer a question I didn’t even hear. After repeating the question to me, I answered correctly and this is what I got :
 “next time I ask a question and you don’t answer immediately, I’ll remove 10marks from your score . Infact I’m removing it now ”.

Oh my god.. Awkward… If u can relate;like and comment. 

  • Expectation 2.

Coming back home from school, my mom says:

“sweetie, you are back?. I made you your favorite food. I know you’re tired. Go inside and eat then you rest. Okay? Good girl. 

Reality 2 :

Coming back home from school drenched. I actually walked back home, because there wasn’t a single bus.  My mum says :

“ah thank God, oluchi bia Nga.i was even wondering when you’ll come back sef. Go and carry that yam in the store and peel then cook it. I will soon go out, so be fast. 

  • Expectation 3

At the assembly ground.. The principal will make an announcement, saying :

so we have been thinking, why don’t we give you students a week free. No school, no teachers, no sitting down for 40mins in 8 classes. Hope you students like it like that? ”

  Then we nod our heads and go back home. 

  • Reality 3

My principal comes out to address us. 

hello students ”, we answer and he continues.“we teachers has agreed that you students will be coming to school on Saturday’s and on Sunday after church service. ”, everyone groans and he continues. “it’s for your own good. Whether you like it or not, you’re coming and anyone who is not present will receive 12strokes of the cane and disgraced publicly. Thank you ”.
  I hate  it when I come to school on Saturday. My only sleeping day 😭:'(😠.

  • Expectation 4

My dad says he’ll buy me a new phone saying he will surprise me .and lo and behold,he bought me a new iPhone 7.

“oh my god. Dad thanks. I really appreciate. Dad right now  I’m going to wash your car …like now ”
And off I go to wash his car. 

  • Reality 4

My dad promised he’ll buy me a new phone. I wanted to buy it myself but he refused saying he’ll surprise me. On that  faithful day I’ll see my new phone, I was in the kitchen making dinner and he called me to come. I greeted him anticipating the phone he’ll get me. He brought it out and my spirit fell, my heart sank, my brain refused to function, my shoulders slagged. I collected the box and what was inside it was… 

 I really don’t wanna talk about it *sobbing. 😫:(.

“thank you daddy. ”
With that I left the room. 

  • Expectation 5

You know, we girls want a nice and comfortable relationship that means, you want the guy to listen to you without interrupting, a guy that will buy you gifts. And the most perfect is when he is asking you out. 
Now this is me minding my business and I saw this guy I liked for years now approaches me and we talked {actually He was doing the talking while I was sniffing on him }.

  After days and days and days… He finally asks me out. He took me to a romantic dinner, we laughed, talked, said silly things. He gave me a diamond necklace that had a strawberry pendant on it. We kissed that night {my first kiss},and did lovey dovey stuff. I found out he had gray eyes. 

  I loved that night, it was a night to remember. 

  • Reality 5

I was sitting in a bus {my family bus } and I saw this guy I knew since primary school .he approached me and we talked {he was really cute tho }and he asked me if we could go on a date {Hmmmm-i thought }.then I agreed. 
 He came to pick me up from my place and took me to wherever .We arrived at a joint and I don’t know what happened, but I know hell went up and heaven down and earth upside down. 


So that’s it. I hope you liked and enjoyed it .if you did please like and comment. And you can also write down your own expectations and what happened in reality. 
Note :number 5 never happened to me.