Wattpad story. 

Well, I don’t know what to say about wattpad, but all you have to do is download it.

Well that link, may not be useful ;but I’ll still leave it there. 

So that link is connected to a book on wattpad. 
  {let me write a quick description }
 It’s about a girl, living her life {yeah, I know, everyone lives their life }.

She went through a whole lot of shit. But she’s still surviving. 

She didn’t let past event weigh her down. She stood strong, survived the raging tempest, wild wind, but came out strong. 
 Things happened in her life that changed her, she never wanted a relationship of any kind. She just wanted to enter school and come out unnoticed. But things changed when four special people walked into her life and changed her… 
  She is… That girl… 

Well lame description, I’m not good at describing. But I hope you got the message. 

Tittle :That girl 

Author :lucibells 

Genre :teen fiction. 

Location : on wattpad. 
If you need any help finding the book, tell me. 
That’s the cover below. 
And also read… 

Tittle : teen ager 

Author : tophie star. 

Genre : well I don’t know. 

Location : on wattpad. 
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